Badge Wiki

Samarbeidspartner er en Redigerer Badge på en wiki. Det kan oppnås ved å redigere 50 sider på Hoved navnerom. Det gir redaktøren 50 poeng.


This badge can only be obtained by editing in the Main namespace. The following namespaces will not work:

Talk User User talk Badge Wiki
Badge Wiki talk File File talk MediaWiki
MediaWiki talk Template Template talk Help
Help talk Category Category talk Forum
Forum talk User blog User blog comment Blog
Blog talk Message Wall Thread Message Wall Greeting
Board Board Thread Topic


Wiki stores images of badges on GitHub for the public domain. Badges can be displayed with the following dimensions:

MediaWiki pages[]

Wiki employs the use of MediaWiki pages in order to standardize the text used in badges. The following is a list of the Collaborator badge MediaWiki pages: