Custom Badges are badges created by the administrators and bureaucrats of the wiki. Custom badges are limited to being awarded by editing a certain page in the category chosen, similar to the Editing Badges.

Creating Custom Badges

Only administrators and bureaucrats can create custom badges. This is done on the Special:AchievementsCustomize page, on the side bar. There is a box where the administrator can enter in the category that will be made its own editing track. Once the category is chosen, the administrator then selects the "Create this track" button.

From here, the badge names and pictures can be customized. Whatever picture is chosen will be cropped to fit in the predefined border. The picture will be uploaded in the File namespace as File:Badge-####-#.png. Images can be restored to their default at any time.

Custom Platinum Badges cannot be created by regular users, however, they can be created by Wikia Staff.

Custom Badge tracks can be enabled and disabled at will. If a track is disabled, the badges cannot be earned anymore, however, the editor does keep their Points, and the badge itself.