Has someone heard of these badges:

  • Achievements-badge-name-blogpost-1 (Talk) - Five Things to Say
  • Achievements-badge-name-blogpost-2 (Talk) - Talkshow
  • Achievements-badge-name-blogpost-3 (Talk) - Life of the Party
  • Achievements-badge-name-blogpost-4 (Talk) - Public Speaker

Do they exist or are they retired? I found these achievement names but no pictures? Does someone know about these?

O. k., I found out now that they were planned, but never established. So I think there are no images. But I know that these planned 4 achievements were silver achievements and that you have to do the following:

  • Five Things to say - 5 blogposts
  • Talkshow - 10 blogposts
  • Life of the Party - 25 blogposts
  • Public Speaker - 50 blogposts

Shall we make pages for these?

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