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Images[ | ]

Wiki stores images of badges on GitHub for the public domain. Badges can be displayed with the following dimensions:

MediaWiki pages[ | ]

Wiki employs the use of MediaWiki pages in order to standardize the text used in badges. The following is a list of the Key to the Wiki! badge MediaWiki pages:

Gallery[ | ]

Trivia[ | ]

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And One More Thing-icon Tour Guide-icon Navigator-icon Bridge Builder-icon Friend of the Wiki-icon Collaborator-icon Wiki Builder-icon Collector-icon Art Lover-icon Decorator-icon Pounce!-icon Caffeinated-icon [[File:Key to the Wiki!-icon.png|30px|link=维基的关键_! Announcer-icon Evangelist-icon Five Things to Say-icon Life of the Party-icon Public Speaker-icon Talkshow-icon